The BEESandAPPLE project is one of the biggest bee conservation initiatives ever to be launched in Europe. Our goal is to plant thousands of hectares of beautifully blooming flower meadows to create new habitat for billions of bees. The bee is essential for life on Earth. This humble creature symbolizes the importance of changing the way we think across all sections of society. A more responsible use of nature’s resources is more important now than ever.

The purpose of the BEESandAPPLE project is to give the bees a voice and to inspire people from all different countries to get involved. We want everyone to know how easy it is to make a difference. If we all pull together, we can make the world a better place every day! We are currently focusing on initiating, shaping and embedding change throughout society in order to increase environmental protection and promote sustainable living. We all need to be aware of how important a healthy ecosystem is for our lives and for future generations.

The world is changing and we have a responsibility to charter a course towards a bright and healthy future. Many prominent celebrities have been lending their support to this society-wide project, including tennis pro Dominic Thiem, Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel, German top model Charlott Cordes, Hollywood star tattoo artist Mario Barth, NHL striker Marco Rossi (currently playing for Minnesota Wild), two-time ski world champion Lizz Görgl and Austria’s national football team coach Franco Foda.

BEESandAPPLE project

Taking steps each day together to make the world a better place

Saving the bees means saving the whole planet.

Up to


hectares of bee meadows

Up to


billion of bees with new habitat

Meet our ambassadors

Dominic Thiem

International tennis star

Nature is amazing because it both fortifies and relaxes us. We must treat it carefully to ensure this remains the case. I support the BEESandAPPLE project because everyone in society needs to start thinking differently. We have caused a lot of problems, but together we can solve them too – and everyone can do their bit!

Sebastian Vettel

Four times F1 World Champion

Formula One racing and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive. We need to be bold enough to tread new paths if we want to deal with future challenges. I don’t want to merely enjoy the here and now; I also want to take responsibility and lead a sustainable life. I am supporting the BEESandAPPLE project because I believe that everyone can make a contribution.

Charlott Cordes

International top model

The beauty of nature lies in its diversity, which we must preserve at all costs. Each and every one of us can play a part in preserving biodiversity. Even a window box full of flowers can provide important habitat for bees. I support the BEESandAPPLE project because I want to show that it is possible to both enjoy life and be responsible for the future.

All ambassadors

Of the BEESandAPPLE project

Many prominent celebrities have been lending their support to this society-wide project.

Globally unique

The Sebastian Vettel bee hotel

Sebastian Vettel builds his first race car bee hotel together with Styrian elementary school kids.

The initiators


Manfred Hohensinner, CEO

We were driven by our creativity, determination and enthusiasm when we founded Frutura in 1999. These attributes have served us well in our mission to provide Austria with the best fruit and vegetable produce possible while at the same time doing our utmost to protect the environment. We are proud that we have never strayed from this path and that we have achieved our goals. Today, my daughter Katrin is upholding these values and steering the company towards a bright future. She also firmly believes in the importance of never standing still and of tirelessly pursuing the goals we have set ourselves. As the initiators of the BEESandAPPLE project, our goal is to bring about a paradigm shift in society – we want to heighten awareness of the importance of bees and to re-establish their vital habitat. Only by taking small steps together can we take a great leap forward and ensure our planet remains habitable for the generations to come.

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A unique project initiated by Frutura

Together we need to keep the bees buzzing!

Close up of a bee on a purple flower
Close up of a bee on a white flower

Our new partners


Bernd Wagner, CEO

We are delighted to create a partnership with BEESandAPPLE. Sustainability and giving back to the environment is always at the forefront of our mind… especially in the industry we work in.  It is the perfect charity to collaborate with. We see this project as a great opportunity to spread the word, and the seeds, on our travels around the world.  No bees no life – this is our responsibility!

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Hungarian F1 Grand Prix

Sport Signage joins the BEESandAPPLE initiative

Take a look behind the scenes of the new partnership.

Also new on board

There are two types of buzzing noises that are associated with the international ticketing agency

First, the buzzing sound of car engines that excite Formula 1 and MotoGP racing fans all over the world. And second, the buzzing of bees – those small creatures that play a big role in protecting the planet’s ecosystem. As a proud partner of the groundbreaking BEESandAPPLE project, is strongly committed to giving bees a chance to flourish and is teaming up with global players and international celebrities to pursue one common goal: the establishment of new habitat for our unsung heroes of nature – the bees.

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Ariane Frank-Meulenbelt, Vice President of Hungaroring Sport Zrt.:

“Our 130-hectare circuit is the largest sports facility in Hungary. Set in a beautiful natural environment we have always made sure to pay special attention to preserve the Forest in the infield. We are happy that from now on we can add our Bee field to that and look forward to  ensureing that in this busy world we can provide an island of peace for the bees.”

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Our established partners

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