World first: Introducing "Digital Flower Meadow"

The BEESandAPPLE social project reveals a future-focused model for protecting the environment and supporting biodiversity.

The BEESandAPPLE environmental and social project is digitalising flower meadows with the aim of achieving a unique way of tackling two of the biggest challenges of our time at once – protecting biodiversity and providing a basic supply of locally sourced food that is just enough to meet the demand. Blockchain technology makes it easy for individuals and businesses to get involved in this future-focused model and help create new habitats for bees that are guaranteed to be sustainably managed. The ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ also has the potential to make biodiversity a financially attractive option for the agricultural sector because the use of farming land to promote biodiversity is being supported by society.

The future-focused ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ model and its follow-up ‘Agriculture Reimagined’ were revealed by the founders of BEESandAPPLE – Manfred Hohensinner and Katrin Hohensinner-Häupl – on 30 March alongside multiple celebrity ambassadors for the project on the MQ Libelle viewing platform on the roof of the Leopold Museum in Vienna. Opera star Elīna Garanča was also introduced as the latest ambassador for BEESandAPPLE.

More and more individuals and businesses are prioritising a sustainable lifestyle. People have stopped questioning whether we need to take action to protect the environment and biodiversity and started asking what action they need to take. With plenty of famous ambassadors and partners behind it, BEESandAPPLE is playing an important role in this positive movement. Over the past two years, the environmental and social project has planted several hundred hectares of beautifully blooming flower meadows.

The next chapter in this success story is being written this year and it’s being called ‘Digital for Real’. The ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ is a tool that can be used to bring about a serious sustainable change. With no other project quite like it in the world, it represents an unprecedented opportunity to make a real environmental structural change independently of the existing economic and social models that stand firm and threaten to destroy our environment.

Manfred Hohensinner

BEESandAPPLE initiator

“The ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ is giving millions of people around the world the chance to make one of their dreams come true by giving living space back to nature and themselves and transforming cultivated land that isn’t being put to best use back into natural habitats. The ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ gives people in all sections of society an opportunity to finally put a stop to the destruction of our environment that has been going on for too long and take positive action to turn the tide!”

“Digital Flower Meadow”

In this future-focused model, real spaces like unused plots and agricultural land are divided up into digital sections.

Using blockchain technology, businesses and individuals can acquire digital shares and pay to directly guarantee that the allocated land is sustainably managed. Full transparency surrounding the process builds the necessary level of trust. Disclosing the shares in apps and so on introduces an element of healthy competition to the sustainability sphere – especially among the younger generation.


The sustainable management is not just an empty promise – it’s a guaranteed right under Austrian law. And the blockchain technology – naturally sustainable in its own right – guarantees full transparency. No changes can be made to the agreed action and all entries can be accessed at all times. This is an example of the digital world being used to protect the real world.


The aim is for shares in the land to be socially acceptable using the true price approach to give everyone in society the opportunity to do their own bit for the planet and support biodiversity. On that basis, each share will cost €1 but will represent a different surface area based on the square metres and management costs. Shares in the land can be purchased via a website or an app.


The launch date of the ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ depends on interest and engagement from all sections of society. Before the programming can officially begin, a minimum number of shares need to be bought to ensure that the investment costs are financially viable in relation to the projects. Any businesses or individuals who are interested can register now online:


Your share of the "Digital Flowers­meadow"

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Added value for businesses. The EU Taxonomy is forcing the link to be made between economic activities and biodiversity. The ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ provides a legally backed way of following the framework, while building consumer trust in the environmental action a business is taking. The sustainable blockchain technology guarantees transparency and binding action. Four successful businesses have already committed to getting involved in the ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ projects: Merkur Versicherung, Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark, Miele Austria and the AllergoSan Institute.

‘Agriculture Reimagined’ The “Digital Flower Meadow” has the potential to make biodiversity a financially attractive option for the agricultural sector (too) because the use of farming land to promote biodiversity is being supported by society. ‘Flower islands’ can be introduced to production areas to break up monocultures and create new habitats for bees and other pollinators. With support from farmers, society can also move away from the mindset of maximising yields and instead start focusing on growing just enough fruit and vegetables locally to meet the demand.

The following ambassadors for the BEESandAPPLE project attended live in person or virtually: Sebastian Vettel (four-time Formula 1 world champion), Elīna Garanča (opera singer), Andreas Gabalier (folk singer), Dominic Thiem (tennis player and US Open winner), Lisa-Marie Schiffner (content creator), Othmar Karas (First Vice-President of the European Parliament), Lizz Görgl (singer, speaker and two-time alpine ski world champion), Carina Wenninger (football player for AS Roma and captain for the Austrian national team), Andreas Döllerer (top chef), Franco Foda (football coach and former manager of the Austrian national team), Marco Rossi (NHL ice hockey player), Mario Barth (tattoo artist).

Elīna Garanča

Opera star

“It means a lot to me to speak on behalf of the bees as their ambassador because this is a cause I truly believe in. It’s time for us all to realise that we can’t carry on treating the environment so badly with our wasteful ways. Us humans account for just a tiny part of life on Earth. We need to live in harmony with nature and understand that we can’t just keep taking and taking.”

Othmar Karas

First Vice-President of the European Parliament

“With the Green Deal, the EU is taking a leading role in protecting the environment and supporting biodiversity. For me, the ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ is an innovative example of best practice that proves it’s possible and indeed not difficult to involve the whole of society in the necessary structural change.”

Lisa-Marie Schiffner


“Digital platforms are an important part of real life for young people. The ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ brings the digital and real worlds together, allowing us to do our bit to protect our planet using our own phones and have some fun in the process.”

Katrin Hohensinner-Häupl

Managing Director of Frutura

“By digitalising flower meadows, the BEESandAPPLE project is taking more than just the next step into the future. It’s making a huge leap forward. We are now in a position to lay the foundations for a brighter future and we need to involve modern technology and make the most of innovative ways forward. The ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ is a huge opportunity to improve the quality of life and living spaces of both people and animals.”

Markus Fallenböck

Vice Rector of the University of Graz

“Maintaining and supporting biodiversity is set to be a key challenge for the agricultural sector in the future. Functioning ecosystems are essential in securing a supply of high-quality food. Seed quality also improves when flowers are pollinated by bees. The ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ is an innovative solution to this complex challenge.”

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