BEESandAPPLE becomes European best practice project

for encouraging people to do their bit for the environment and biodiversity

Founders Manfred Hohensinner and Katrin Hohensinner-Häupl introduced the ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ at the heart of the EU institutions in Brussels. They met with President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans (Commissioner for the European Green Deal), Vice-President Dubravka Šuica (Commissioner for Democracy and Demography) and Commissioner Johannes Hahn (Budget and Administration).

Othmar Karas, First Vice-President of the European Parliament, praised the project as an “innovative approach to the green digital and social change we need to see in the world”

The BEESandAPPLE (BBA) environmental and social project is the first private initiative to enter into a partnership with the European Parliament within the context of the Green Deal. The ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ is the next step in making it easy for all sections of society to be proactive and do their bit to protect nature and biodiversity. The unique project was introduced to key representatives of the EU in workshops and presentation sessions.

First Vice-President of the EU Parliament and BBA ambassador, Othmar Karas, arranged for the delegation to make this trip to Brussels. The focus of all the talks was on the change required and the ways in which the whole of society could be involved. Everybody agreed that change can only happen if people are engaged and involved in every single decision.

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Othmar Karas

Frist Vice-President of the European Parliament

“The Green Deal has the potential to be the major driving force in the fight against climate change. But we have to get people engaged and involved in these efforts. BEESandAPPLE has shown just how simple it is to get all sections of society on board and doing their bit to make the necessary change happen. The Digital Flower Meadow makes it possible for anyone to help make Europe sustainable.”

Frans Timmermans

Executive Vice-President of the European Comission & Commissioner for the European Green Deal

“We’re passionate about making life easier for bees in Europe and giving them a strong voice in every member state. And that’s why I’m going to make sure that the BEESandAPPLE project is rolled out in other countries too. It’s so important for every single child out there to know that there wouldn’t be such a thing as healthy humans without healthy bees.”

Dubravka Šuica

Vice-President of the European Comission & Commissioner for Democracy and Demography

“We owe our lives to bees, so we need to take ambitious action to protect biodiversity in Europe. The BEESandAPPLE project is a worthwhile initiative that supports the European way and looks to mobilise society to protect the environment. The project is perfect proof of what’s possible when individuals and businesses come together.”

Manfred Hohensinner

BEESandAPPLE initiator

“We only have one planet to live on and there’s no back up. This fact is – and always has been – the motivation behind us using the BEESandAPPLE project to send out the important message that we can all make a difference and have an impact. If we all pull together, we can help our planet get onto a sustainable path without having to put too much strain on individuals.”

Katrin Hohensinner-Häupl

Frutura Managing Director

“As producers of fruit and vegetables, we’re only too aware of how important the bees are. We rely on them for pollination, after all. We’re convinced that innovative technology for a green transformation within our society is absolutely essential. And that’s why we’re working on the Digital Flower Meadow with a view to tackling two of the main challenges of our time at once – protecting biodiversity and providing a basic supply of locally sourced food.”

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The BEESandAPPLE (BBA) environmental and social project is digitalising flower meadows with the aim of using blockchain technology to make it easy for individuals and businesses to get involved in this world-first, future-focused model and help create new habitats for bees that are guaranteed to be sustainably managed. The ‘Digital Flower Meadow’ also has the potential to make biodiversity a financially attractive option for the agricultural sector because the use of farming land to promote biodiversity is being supported financially by society.

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