The Baking Expert

The taste of bread at heart

The Baking Expert has been around for ten years. Back then, he was simply Christian Ofner. But his visions and ideas were anything but simple. No longer being ” just” a baker. He wanted to show the world how easy, fast and delicious (bread) baking can be. Thus the “Baking Expert” was born, who quickly came of age with the help of his fine bakery.


– From a successful apprenticeship to working at well-known bakeries in a variety of fields, Christian Ofner’s years of experience paved his way to become the Baking Expert.
But there’s no such thing as laying back comfortably, since the oven has to be permanently fired up with new creations and recipes.

The Baking Expert is always and everywhere fascinated by his passion…thinking, trying out, tasting, creating, kneading, refining, rolling …
The Baking Expert only feels at home when he has his finger on the grain.
With more than 100,000 books sold and over 3 million video clicks, the Baking Expert inspires hobby bakers all over the world with his recipes.

In May 2019, the first Styrian baking school in Gleisdorf was established, a place for fans of homemade bread & pastries. There’s a dense course program for young & old at the baking school.

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In the future, the Baking Expert will create new recipes with special products from Frutura, such as the Frutura Apfelschnecke with the Steiermark Genuss Apfel.

Strong partners should work together. Only together can we be strong. This is all the more true for companies from the same regional environment with a broad outreach and similar philosophies.

The owners of Frutura and “Der Backprofi”, as he is called in german, have similar corporate histories, where a lot of ambition and hard work went into creating a successful company known far beyond the borders of Styria and Austria. For both, quality, the best taste, sustainability and innovation are the guiding principles of their daily work.

Together with Christian Ofner, baking recipes of all kinds with the tasty products of Frutura, cooking shows in a new atmosphere and much more are created. Stay tuned – there’s still a lot to come.

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