Our Avocado

NEVER say fruit to me – for I am actually an exotic vegetable and a member of the laurel family!
This does not, though, affect my ability to be a good neighbour to mangoes and bananas in the Frutura ripening facility. We ripen in complete harmony, albeit in separate cells.

I come from Peru, Mexico, Chile, Morocco, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Kenya or Spain, depending on the time of year. It’s important for me to grow-up naturally on my trees, which can be up to 8 meters high, and under the best conditions.
And this is strictly monitored. Frutura experts regularly take a specimen from my shipments and send samples to a laboratory to confirm that I have grown-up without pesticides etc..
By the way, I am picked unripe. I wouldn’t ripen by myself on the tree.
I am of course proud to have become so popular in recent years.

Although especially fat-rich, I am still a sought-after part of many diets, because I stimulate metabolic activity and help to promote weight loss. I am, moreover, said to provide a variety of health benefits. I am good for the eyes, and pregnant women love me because of my high folic acid content. I am versatile in the kitchen too. Simply spooned out of my skin, as a healthy oil, or as an ingredient in salads, sophisticated dishes or extravagant desserts – I feel good everywhere.
Only until I have become too soft though. If I’m already ripe, I can stand a few more days in the refrigerator, preferably wrapped in cling film. Until then I prefer room temperature!

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