Packaging at Frutura,
less is more.

At Frutura we love our earth and honour its fruits. That’s why we strive to produce fruit and vegetables in a way that protects the climate as much as possible. Packaging is, however, another area in which we are resolutely and continuously breaking new ground.
Yes, packaging is important.
It protects the product and ensures that it is not damaged during transportation by the shortest possible route. It also helps to guarantee the minimum shelf life. The right packaging means far less food is thrown away because it has spoiled too soon. Packaging also provides a place to communicate origin, quality and other important information.

Not all
packaging is the same

Above all, plastic should, wherever possible, be avoided. Frutura wholeheartedly agrees with this and has, therefore, created an in-house packaging innovation team to constantly research trends, discover customer wishes, and test new ways to ensure that packaging is one thing: protection for fruit and vegetables, yet also sustainable and climate-friendly. The results have been ground-breaking in recent years: new packaging equipment has been acquired, and plastic replaced by sustainable alternatives wherever possible.


Organic apples, avocados and kiwis and our Blumau peppers are no longer wrapped in plastic film, but instead held tightly together in their cartons by paper binders.
Cut herbs are also safely packed in cardboard trays. Our ultimate goal is still a long way off though.


State-of-the-art laser equipment that uses focused light to label products without damaging them has, moreover, brought us another step closer to a healthy future.


And yet, according to the latest findings, some products cannot do without plastic – they would spoil faster without it. This won’t stop our research and quest for sustainable alternatives though. Because our goal must be to deliver the highest quality products whilst leaving no stone unturned to keep our world worth living-in for our grandchildren.

Photo of sustainable paper packaging for the Frutura tomatoes © Philipp Platzer
Photo of sustainable paper packaging for the Frutura apples © Philipp Platzer
Product photo of sustainably ripened avocados. © Philipp Platzer
Product photo of a climate friendly produced mango from Frutura.© Philipp Platzer
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