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The Steiermark Genuss Apple

The Steiermark Genuss Apple

Austria's tastiest apple

Its bright colours and aroma are the culmination of loving work and the power of nature: The Steiermark Genuss Apple!


A recipe from the Baking Expert

Sweet yeast dough meets Steiermark Genuss Apple

Zum Rezept

The Steiermark Genuss Apple also earns the “Premium” distinction when it comes from selected apple growers with perfectly sunny slopes and is especially tasty.
Frutura has been working with trusted fruit growers from eastern Styria for many years now: apple growers who inspect their swelling fruit every day, and in all weathers!

Working hundreds of hours per year and per hectare, they make sure the apple can grow undisturbed, according to Nature’s cycle. After bees have done their pollination work, the farmers monitor apple development on a daily basis and make sure that each tree only carries as much ripening fruit as it can nourish by itself. Beneficial organisms are applied sparingly to avoid harm to trees and fruit. And only when fully ripened, do they carefully hand-pick the Steiermark Genuss Apple and send it on its journey to Austrian SPAR supermarkets.

The Steiermark Genuss Apple family


I am a bit smaller than the other members of the Steiermark Genuss Apple family, but a splendid treat with juicy sweet flesh. My aroma and low acidity set me apart. My skin usually has a dark red glow.


My medium-firm flesh has a spicy fruity aroma and my extra acidity gives me a fresh savoury taste. Bright red colours that emerge from my greenish-yellow base colour make me a real feast for the eyes too. If I come from selected apple growers with perfectly sunny slopes, I may also bear the name Steiermark Genuss Apple “Premium”.

Golden Delicious

My juicy crunchy bite and delicate flavour are well known in many places. I have a fresh green or golden yellow colour and a fine acidity that blends with my sweet fruitiness. When I come from selected apple growers with perfectly situated sunny slopes, I am awarded the name Steiermark Genuss Apple “Premium”.


I have to admit, I am a little proud of my yellow base colour, often with added red streaks, which conceals my firm juicy, pleasantly sweet and sour-tasting flesh.


My thin skin has a greenish-yellow base colour and some dark red elements – and anyone who takes me off the shelf can look forward to a perfect sugar-acid balance. What makes me special is that I am extremely crunchy and firm.


When I am fully ripe, my greenish-yellow base colour acquires a red blush. My juicy flesh has elements of sweetness and fine acidity in equal measure.

All Steiermark Genuss Apple family members and their Premium counterparts feel comfortable in the refrigerator for a few days. If we are stored at room temperature, we lose aroma and become floury after a few days.

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