Blumau vegetables

Blumau vegetables are exclusively available at SPAR.

Growing fresh vegetables all year round in a climate-friendly way – that was the vision from day one! And in a resource-saving way that respects Nature’s cycle. Frutura has been using thermal water from 3,500 meters below Bad Blumau as an energy source since 2016.

It is pumped to the surface at 125oC where it serves 26 hectares of glasshouses and tunnels in which up to 9,000 tons of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melanzani and radishes grow each year in cosy warmth. The water is then cooled and pumped back down to a depth of 3,500 meters. Not a drop of water is lost throughout! The results of this international flagship

project are not only year-round fresh products of the highest AMA-GAP and organic quality. The tomatoes and peppers from Frutura Thermal-Gemüsewelt are also considered to be the tastiest in Austria. Frutura’s innovation moreover secures jobs all year round. Last but not least, the climate is protected as much as possible and regional supply is guaranteed.

Product photo of the sustainably grown, fresh Blumau tomatoes from Frutura © Philipp Platzer

SPAR NATUR*PUR Blumau Organic Cherry-Tomatoes

We are the sweetest in the family and grow together on the truss; deep red with soft skin and the same inside. Aficionados consider us an insider tip for outstanding taste. Besides that, we are organically grown.

SPAR PREMIUM Blumau Cherry Tomatoes

We are the snack emperors! This because we are especially sweet little beauties. Our skin shines wonderfully, and it’s even said that many people prefer to snack on us than on chocolate. Now, that’s an honour! Finally though, we only contain 17 kcl/100 grams and are rich in vitamins, potassium, magnesium and folic acid.

SPAR NATUR*PUR Organic Cherry-Mix

We are the colourful newcomers and come in three colours! The browns amongst us are very sweet and are considered the popular “something else” because of this colour and a slightly higher acidity. The yellows amongst us are the sweet tasty ones and, when fully ripe, have a bit of a jaunty green shade on their skin. The reds are our pear-shaped cherry tomato relatives: the sweet “snackers” that keep particularly well and also have an intense aroma due to their high sugar content.

Blumau Vine tomatoes

Amongst the “big ones”, we are the kings of taste and the most intensely coloured. We feel most comfortable when we are allowed to shine in salads or sauces. We also have a good shelf life!

SPAR NATUR*PUR Blumau Organic San Marzano Tomatoes

Do you prefer it more elongated? Then we will be your favourites. Our shape makes us particularly suited to cutting and we crown every salad with our balanced sugar-acid ratio.

SPAR NATUR*PUR Blumau Organic Beef Tomatoes

We are proud when we hear that we are the old, “rustic” beautiful variety with characteristic flavour. Unlike our relatives, we ripen from the inside out, and are therefore harvested as soon as we develop our light blush. We prefer to be eaten when we still have some green parts.

Blumau Pointed Pepper

Red, yellow or orange! – Whatever the colour we flourish “pointed” in Frutura Thermal-Gemüsewelts’ modern glasshouses. With the help of thermal water, we are properly spoiled so that we can be crispy and tasty when served. But we also have our conditions to make everyone happy. We don’t want to be in the refrigerator – 10-12oC is our climate. We also don’t like to lie next to tomatoes or be washed before storage because this removes our natural protective layer.
In all modesty, we are considered the tastiest peppers in Austria! Why are we so pointed? Because that’s the way we taste the best! We come in orange, red and yellow and weigh about 120 grams each.

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SPAR NATUR*PUR Blumau Organic cucumbers

We only taste so good because we are freshly harvested every day! We are a bit capricious when it comes to storage. We reward though with a crispy peel, which should also be eaten since it contains many vitamins and minerals – one of our organic benefits. Never store us next to tomatoes, apples or pears, or our peel will soon look wrinkled. We like it dark and don’t want to be washed.

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SPAR NATUR*PUR Blumau Organic Melanzani

Roast, steam, bake, but best of all: grill us! We add the final healthy touch to your dishes. With skin of course, because we are organic. But like all our Frutura Thermal-Gemüsewelt relatives you should store us at ten to twelve degrees Celsius. We will then keep our taut, matt shiny colour and last up to ten days.

SPAR NATUR*PUR Blumau Bio Radish

We are the winter vegetable in the Frutura family. We only last a short time, but we are the highlight on every sandwich or in salads in terms of color and taste. Do not hesitate to eat our green leaves, they are tasty and healthy.
We only have one request: Eat us right away, we don’t like lying around. But if we had to wait a little longer and our bowl got a bit wrinkled, just put us in the water for a moment, then we can recover.
We don’t taste as hot as some other radishes, which is why children especially love us.

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