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Ancient thermal water, state-of-the-art glasshouses and foil tunnels, but above all loving, professional hands who care for their charges 365 days a year: the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melanzani and radishes that grow at Frutura Thermal-Gemüsewelt in Bad Blumau couldn’t be in a better place to ripen into hearty, fresh and tasty fruit vegetables and then be delivered exclusively, and without waiting time, to over 1600 SPAR supermarkets. Climate-friendly and by the shortest possible route.

Two in-house

geothermal wells

An optimal location in Bad Blumau in the Styrian thermal spa region, 400-million-year-old thermal water and sophisticated geothermal energy make these tasty "miracles" possible at Frutura Thermal-Gemüsewelt.

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Ancient thermal water

... and loving professional hands

there’s something happening all year round. Tomatoes are in peak season from January through December, because our ingenious thermal water system keeps them pleasantly warm, whatever the weather is doing outside. Peppers, melanzani, cucumbers and radishes take short breaks, but are real treats when in peak season.
Beneficial insects incidentally help our plants stay healthy and produce naturally-ripened juicy, crisp-skinned vegetables! Bumblebees, for instance, fertilize individual flowers. When it’s time to harvest at Frutura Thermal-Gemüsewelt, all 9,000 tons of fruit vegetables are hand-picked and inspected once again to make really sure they pass all quality criteria.

is the scientific term for one of the most ecologically-sustainable sources of energy for glasshouse heating – completely independent of fossil fuels and weather and outdoor temperatures, and using only the power of 125-degree Centigrade thermal water.
This nutrient-rich water is brought carefully to the surface from deep within the earth by deep drilling, where a heat exchanger is used to transfer its heat to “normal” water which, in turn, heats the greenhouses. The cooler thermal water is then pumped back into the earth, where it regains its original temperature within a few decades. A climate-friendly, natural closed-circuit heating system that doesn’t waste a drop of thermal water!
But that’s not all: diffuse glass with shading systems and an energy screen in the greenhouses guarantee the plants an optimal climate, whilst a sophisticated ventilation system supports their growth. What’s more, state-of-the-art control and regulation technology create a constant climate!
Thanks to these state-of-the-art and innovative components, Frutura is able to supply Austria’s SPAR supermarkets with fresh fruit vegetables all year round without emitting the 28,000 tons of CO2 generated by natural gas glasshouse heating and with 1 million fewer trucking kilometres.


Delicate Crops

Herbs are not only the tastiest seasonings – they also contain valuable substances.

Horticulture at Frutura

The most delicious herbs have been blooming and thriving in Styrian Stainz bei Straden almost the whole year round since 2014!

Frutura packaging

– less is more

At Frutura we love our earth and honour its fruits. That's why we are striving to protect the climate as much as possible. Packaging is, though, another area in which we are continuously exploring new avenues.

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42.000 kg

less plastic used each year

We cut-out 1,000,000 truck kilometres each year.


Apple grower from Eastern Styria

Our producers represent the core of Frutura. Professionals at hand, farmers at heart.

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