New paths &
versatile approaches.

One of our goals from the very beginning:
To seek meaningful partnerships, invest in social projects & never lose sight of the big picture.

Project Spielberg

Project Spielberg’s history, with its hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and worldwide television broadcasts of top-class motor sport events, is well known.

Alles zum Projekt Spielberg

ATC Tennis Club

Wolfgang Thiem and the ATC (Tennis Club) are breaking new ground within a revised organizational structure.

Mehr zu Thiems ATC Tennisclub

Graz Marathon

The classic autumn event in the Austrian running calendar – the Kleine Zeitung Graz Marathon.

Infos zum Graz Marathon

Angelika Fink

Angelika Fink creates special colourful culinary paintings, inspired by her passion for art + cooking.

Mehr zur Kooperation zwischen Angelika Fink und Frutura

The Baking Expert

The taste of bread at the heart

The baking expert has been around for ten years. Back then, he was simply Christian Ofner. But his visions and ideas were anything but simple. No longer being ”just” a baker. He wanted to show the world how easy, fast and delicious (bread) baking can be. The “baking expert” was thus born, who quickly came of age with the help of his fine bakery.

Mehr zur Kooperation zwischen „Der Backprofi“ und Frutura


Frutura has also recently started a collaboration with the restaurant Kogel 3 to create new recipes using Frutura products. Kogel 3 is in Leibnitz.
A place like this has its own special charm at any time of year. Indoors as well as outdoors, covered in snow or on hot summer days. Beauty is always in season. Whether it’s a wedding, christening or anniversary, Kogel 3 will set the table for you. Because the managers and staff of Kogel 3 love what they do and because they like to share the happiness of this Kogel with everyone.

Mehr zur Kooperation zwischen Kogel3 und Frutura


Maronessa is a family-run chestnut stand located in the heart of Graz. In order to always offer its customers a unique taste experience, it attaches great importance to the first-class quality of its chestnuts. The chestnuts are sent directly from long-standing Italian partner farmers to the store in Graz.
Its chestnuts are not only delicious but also packed with vitamins and strengthen the immune system. Chestnuts contain valuable minerals, trace elements and many vitamins – they are also filling without being fattening.
Maronessa simply tastes better! Convince yourself by a visit to Maronessa for some chestnuts in downtown Graz.
In summer, instead of chestnuts, Maronessa mixes tasty,vitamin-rich fruit juices for its customers.

Mehr zur Kooperation zwischen Maronessa und Frutura

Forming alliances
Promoting partnerships


The European Championship of Professions.

EuroSkills is a European vocational competition, which takes place every two years. The core of the “European Championship of Professions” is a competition in which young professionals from a wide variety of education systems and from all over Europe, demonstrate their technical skills in 47 trades in a three-day event. EuroSkills is scheduled to be held in Graz, Austria for the first time in 2021. The championship has, however, unfortunately already had to be postponed on two occasions due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We hope to announce a new date soon for 2021.

Frutura is privileged to support EuroSkills as a bronze partner. Taking care of the physical well-being of the participants – who can look forward to fresh, tasty Styrian fruit and vegetables – will be our task.

Zur Website von EuroSkills

Regional Development Eastern Styria

Regionalentwicklung Oststeiermark is striving to develop beautiful Eastern Styria into a region for living, doing business and enjoyment, hand-in hand with companies, producers, public institutions and municipalities. We at Frutura are proud to be headquartered in this beautiful region in Hartl bei Kaindorf and, thereby, to contribute to its economic development. Some inspiring collaborations with the Regionalentwicklung Oststeiermark, have already been realized. Competitions have been implemented and we look forward to many more joint projects.

Mehr zur Oststeiermark erfahren

Thermenresort Loipersdorf

Regional companies should strengthen each other. We share important values with Thermenresort Loipersdorf.
Pleasure. Thermenresort Loipersdorf offers wonderful, relaxing moments in a beautiful thermal landscape. We at Frutura offer our customers great-tasting food.
Regionality. Both companies are passionate about and strengthen their region and secure jobs.
Uniqueness. New paths and unique projects connect us.
We use these synergies and have implemented joint projects with Thermenresort Loipersdorf. We look forward to future collaborations.

Therme Loipersdorf besuchen

Wildnis Dürrenstein

Wildnis Dürrenstein is Austria’s only wilderness area and currently covers about 3500 ha. Embedded at its centre is the largest contiguous primeval forest in Central Europe.
The protected area’s administration has a long list of planned projects, some of which are already being implemented.
Frutura supports this project financially with great pleasure and passion.

Mehr zu Wildnis Dürrenstein

Steiermark Tourismus

Steiermark Tourismus and Frutura have been working together successfully for many years. We are glad to have such a reliable cooperation partner. A special annual highlight is the “Steiermark-Frühling” event at the Town Hall Square in Vienna, during which we have an opportunity to present our Steiermark Genuss Apple products.

Mehr über Steiermark Tourismus
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