Our banana

Scrumptious crooked things

It’s hard to believe, but I’m actually an exotic perennial. Before I am yellow, sweet and ripe and on the shelves, I have to be treated exceedingly gently to stop me doing anything crooked.

I’m quite picky about climate. I prefer tropical or subtropical areas. I need a lot of sun, regular rainfall and temperatures above 21 degrees at night. A windy area won’t work at all.

Frutura therefore prefers to import me from Ecuador or from other equatorial countries via Rotterdam or Antwerp to the ripening facility in Hartl, where I only then become the yellow exotic favourite.
SPAR and Frutura take great pains to ensure that I grow up under the best conditions and that no rainforest has been cut down because of me. The conditions are even stricter if I also carry the organic hallmark. To rule-out cheating, random samples are continuously laboratory checked. And woe betide you if something is wrong!

I am harvested whilst still green, ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE. Only during the ripening process does my starch transform into a variety of sugars and my skin gradually turn yellow. After harvesting by hand from my bush, I am divided into so called “hands”. On my own, I am called a finger.
Please don’t store me in a refrigerator, and please never near apples! Another tip: If you wrap my stem in cling film, I won’t overripen so quickly. Oh, and by the way, don’t worry if my skin is already turning brown, because inside I will still stay sweet and delicious for a long time.

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