Our ripening facility

Actually, you could also call it: Frutura’s “exotic” ripening facility in Hartl bei Kaindorf.

Each year, as well as around 28,000 tons of bananas, some 500,000 mangoes and roughly one million avocados ripen here for delivery at just the right time to SPAR supermarkets throughout Austria.
Not too ripe. Just right.

Our bananas

The main focus is, however, on green bananas, which – still inedible – are brought by reliable Frutura partners from countries around the equator. A high percentage already comes from certified organic cultivation. Packed in cartons, they are inspected once again for quality. Random samples are then sent to the laboratory to confirm their origin and growing conditions before they are loaded following five to six days, their starch transforms into a variety of sugars – continuously monitored – and, only when the natural process has progressed far enough, they are finally brought to SPAR customers.

Zu unseren Exoten

And other exotics

A further four ripening cells are reserved for mangoes and avocados. Unlike bananas, which are cooled during ripening, these exotics need warmer temperatures. Here, too, the proportion of organic produce is constantly increasing!


The most modern climate-friendly technology is used with all three products, however. Ripening specialists spend many hours with their charges monitoring the ripening process and ensuring ideal ripening conditions. The latter includes the use of just the right amount of a natural ripening gas, needed by bananas and avocados for even development.


Thanks to state-of-the-art technology that mimics natural ripening conditions, every banana, mango and avocado that leaves the ripening facility in Hartl bei Kaindorf bound for SPAR supermarkets throughout Austria, has developed its optimal aroma and valuable constituent substances.

What we at Frutura are particularly proud of: bringing the highest quality to our customers whilst treating the climate and the earth’s resources with the utmost care, also in the exotic segment. In return, our products are certified by Global GAP, IFS, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, controlled organic cultivation.

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