Our Steiermark Genuss Welt

Our Steiermark Genuss products are exclusively available at SPAR.

The Steiermark Genuss Apple

and the premium Steiermark Genuss Apple

It may proudly bear the title “Austria’s tastiest apple”. Its bright colours and aroma are the culmination of loving work and the power of nature: The Steiermark Genuss Apple!

Lernen Sie den Genuss Apfel kennen

The Steiermark Genuss Pear

Our Styrian Delight Pear

Who would have thought that Styrians came up with names like Williams Christ, Kaiser Alexander and Xenia?

Treffen Sie die Genuss Birne

The Steiermark Genuss Plum

Our Styrian Delight Plum

Styrian plums are available from July/August – that’s when their season starts here in Austria.

The Steiermark Genuss Apricot

Our Styrian Delight Apricot

Styrian apricots come into season each June.

The Steiermark Genuss Peach

Our Styrian Delight Peach

Styrian peach farmers start harvesting the Steiermark Genuss Peach in July/August.

The Steiermark Genuss Cherry

Our Styrian Delight Cherry

Styrian cherries can be enjoyed each year in July – but only for a short time.

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