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The Fruit & Vegetable Academy (AOGA) is an individual, unique educational institution that offers a wide range of seminars on production, trade, nutritional science and fruit experience. It was established by Frutura.

The aim of the AOGA

is to impart knowledge about production, commodity science, quality management and modern nutritional awareness.

The training to become a “Certified Fruit and Vegetable Expert” shows the diversity of fruits and vegetables for the first time.

In order to guarantee a permanently high level of the courses for the participants, a scientific advisory board under the direction of Prim. Dr. med. univ. Meinrad Lindschinger, in cooperation with experts from the areas of trade, teaching, QM, production, science and politics is established.

The main objective of the AOGA

is to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary communication between producers, retailers and consumers.

The resulting benefit for all participants in the value chain is defined in:

— Appreciation of the products due to greater knowledge in cultivation and general conditions
— Understanding of needs and expectations in the area of sales
— Competitive advantage through professionally trained workforce
— Knowledge in nutritional expertise
— Increase in customer loyalty and access to new target groups

AOGA customized

In addition to the general seminar program, we also offer seminars tailored to the specific needs of our customers.
The co-design options on the part of the customer can be freely chosen.
From a certain number of participants in seminars, in-house training is also possible.

The seminar modules

The course and seminar program, which is held in German, is primarily aimed at employees in wholesale and retail, exporters and importers, as well as prospective producers and interested consumers.

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