Our mango

I am delighted to have become sooo popular in recent years. Depending on the time of year, I come from Spain, Peru or Africa, where I grow on trees up to 10 meters tall. Only when I come from places providing the ideal natural conditions for me do I meet Frutura’s quality criteria.

That means: the best conditions and trustworthy partners to deliver me, subject, of course, to strict monitoring. Woe betide you should a laboratory sample fail to give the desired results! Even stricter conditions apply if I am an organic product.
By the way, my taste has nothing to with whether I am greenish, red or yellow. My skin colour is only a reflection of my location, my tree and how much sunlight I received.
Unlike the banana, I am not green when I arrive at the Hartl bei Kaindorf ripening facility.

Only my delicious pulp is transformed from starch to a sugar mixture, and my firmness tells trained hands when I am ready to be delivered to SPAR supermarkets.
If I may make a wish: please don’t store me near apples, they speed up my ripening process. And I like room temperatures rather than the cold. Afterwards eat me soon, and I promise you a wonderful fruity taste in return.

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