Our Exotics

Ripened to perfection with love and know-how - exclusively for SPAR

Fruturas Reiferei

The banana

Scrumptious crooked things

It’s hard to believe, but I’m actually an exotic perennial. Before I am yellow, sweet and ripe and on the shelves, I have to be treated exceedingly gently to stop me doing anything crooked.

Noch mehr krumme Dinger

The Avocado

NEVER say fruit to me

For I am actually an exotic vegetable and a member of the laurel family!

Alles zu diesem Gemüse

The mango

More popular than ever

I am delighted to have become sooo popular in recent years. Depending on the time of year, I come from Spain, Peru or Africa, where I grow on trees up to 10 meters tall.

Zur Frutura Mango

Perfect ripeness and the best quality are our main concern.

What we at Frutura are particularly proud of: even in the exotic segment, we treat the climate and the resources of our earth with the utmost care, and at the same time bring the highest quality to our customers. For this, our products carry certificates such as Global GAP, IFS, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, controlled organic cultivation.

Filled boxes with fresh mangos from Frutura in the warehouse © Philipp Platzer
Photo of the warehouse in the Frutura logistics center © Philipp Platzer
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