Humus is the basis of soil fertility.

Humus positively influences virtually every soil property.

Humus means

The project

Spar and WWF Austria are working with farmers to promote healthy soils. Their approach is to focus on building humus by gentle soil-working, observation of crop rotation, and fertilization with compost and manure. Innovative farmers and Frutura suppliers are also lending their support to this project.
Currently some 70 hectares of land belonging to farmers and Frutura suppliers are undergoing conversion or have already been successfully converted; with more to come successively. Each participating farm has signed a written agreement with Frutura in order to take part. The long-term objective is to be able to offer consumers products from verifiable humus sources. The following products are currently sold under a proprietary humus brand: Chinese cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes.
Farmers who successfully build humus are paid a bonus by Spar.

Why Humus?

Humus improves the nutrient supply

Humus improves plant availability of major and trace nutrients

Humus improves soil structure

Humus is important for crumb stability

Humus improves water storage

The higher the humus content, the more water the soil can store

Humus improves percolation

A humus-rich soil can absorb water faster (percolation) because carbon is bound.

Humus prevents erosion

Improved crumb stability, water storage and percolation reduce erosion.


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