The gardener at Frutura loves nature and working with fresh fruits and vegetables. But he is much more than a plant lover, because we work with the most modern technical equipment and are always up to date in terms of natural beneficial insects that protect our vegetable plants.

The gardener at Frutura knows all about the different climates, seasons and conditions under which our plants grow in the modern glasshouses and foil tunnels in the Frutura Thermal-Gemüsewelt.

He is enthusiastic when it comes to taking care of the plants, observing them closely and reacting immediately when one of them needs his help. He knows exactly how to handle the modern equipment so that no cold draft disturbs the growth, enough sunlight enters the glasshouses and only the best quality water is used. And all this has to be done under the strictest hygienic conditions.
Moreover, a Frutura gardener loves not only his plants, but also the people! Because in our company, togetherness is particularly important – only in this way can we do everything together to ensure that our fruits and vegetables are and remain the tastiest of all in Austria!

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