Frutura works in close cooperation and partnership with the media

The new challenges posed by the corona virus are confronting society with a huge transformation in which new paths will have to be taken in many areas in the future. There is no time before Corona anymore, only a time after it!

following these paths according to the ideas and requirements of society as best as possible. Frutura wants to achieve this by its philosophy, its products, its selected projects and, above all, with strong partners.

and partnership with the media landscape in Austria, Frutura wants to communicate to all parts of society about the issues of our time. This is passionately implemented and supported by Frutura and its experts.

we are happy to offer all interested media partners access to the protected download section of our website. On request, we provide you with press releases, free image material, logos, videos and original sounds and other content relevant to your editorial activity under this link.

We are also available for personal requests at any time. Just click on our contact details.

We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with you!

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