Restaurant Kogel3

Kogel3, a very special kind of country inn. Beautiful ambience, chic and class wherever you look. A dream view paired with the most charming hosts in Styrian Tuscany.

A place like this has its own special charm at any time of year. Indoors as well as outdoors, covered in snow or on hot summer days. Beauty is always in season. Whether it’s a wedding, christening or anniversary, Kogel 3 will set the table for you. Because the managers and staff of Kogel 3 love what they do and because they like to share the happiness of this place with everyone.

Kogel 3 has become a permanent culinary “hot spot” in southern Styria that is constantly coming up with new ideas, sports an incredible wine selection and has a lot of heart. It conveys an attitude to life that everyone is looking for in these times and which can, in fact, be found here.

Frutura and Kogel3 are joined by taste and a shared mission to provide their customers with delightful experiences.
The companies have together planned an innovative marketing and culinary concept to address customers in a more targeted way and to enhance their taste experience through product-oriented events. Cuisine at the highest level paired with Frutura principles of freshness enable the two companies to benefit from each other and embark together on a shared path. Is there a better time than now, to join forces and help achieve the necessary paradigm shift towards sustainable, regional, fresh and climate-friendly nutrition for our customers to embrace?

Watch how Kogel3 cooks with fresh Frutura mangoes.

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Specially created by Kogel 3 – The Steiermark Genuss Bratapfel – Click here for the recipe.

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