Project Spielberg

Project Spielberg’s history, with its hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and worldwide television broadcasts of top-class motor sport events, is well known. Project Spielberg has also, in the meantime, become an indispensable Styrian and Austrian touristic and economic highlight. For the region of Murtal in particular, Project Spielberg is an extraordinary lifeline that grants it supra-regional positioning. Austria’s largest playground, located amidst a striking natural and cultural landscape, inspires and attracts a worldwide audience.

One may, though, justifiably ask what connects Austria’s tastiest tomatoes from Frutura with Austria’s largest playground?
Not much at first glance, a surprising amount, however, on closer inspection!

Both are EXTREMELY INNOVATIVE and AMBITOUS: Project Spielberg is familiar with and employs the most innovative motor sports and vehicle technologies to achieve sustainable top performances. Frutura’s revolutionary geothermal showcase project, Thermal-Gemüsewelt, is one of Europe’s most innovative fruit vegetable projects, producing climate-friendly tomatoes and peppers – the tastiest in Austria – the whole year round, and cutting up to 28,000 tons of CO2 emissions and 1,000,000 truck kilometres per year when completed.

Both are REGIONALLY EXTREMELY INTERNATIONAL: The efforts made by both to develop their rural regions (Murtal, Eastern Styria) and to present them to a wider world, are now, in part, being intensively coordinated. Blumau products are, for example, being placed in advertisements communicating the entire spectrum of services offered by Project Spielberg. Project Spielberg thereby delivers worldwide promotion of geothermal energy. Admittedly, somewhat “weird” and extreme, the two Styrian flagship projects are, for the first time, joining forces in an unusual collaboration: out-of-the ordinary raffles of Projekt Spielberg products and tomatoes from Blumau, special event partnerships, and much more have already been firmly scheduled.

The speedway of the Red Bull Ring contains a huge advertising wall that showcases our Blumau tomatoes, as can be seen in the following video.

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