Our Academy

The Apple, Fruit & Vegetable Akademie (AOGA) is a unique independent educational institution that offers a wide range of seminars covering production, trade, nutritional science and fruit experience. It was estaböished by Frutura.

AOGA's role

… is to provide knowledge and insights into production, commodity economics, quality management and modern nutritional awareness.

The training course to become a “Certified Fruit and Vegetable Expert” shows for the first time the diversity of fruits and vegetables. To guarantee course participants a consistently high standard of education, a scientific advisory board under the direction of Prim. Dr. med. univ. Meinrad Lindschinger, comprising experts from the areas of trade, teaching, QM, production, science and politics, has been installed.

AOGA's main objective

… is the promotion and simplification of interdisciplinary communication between producer, distributor and consumer. The resulting benefit for all participants in the value-added chain is defined in:


  • Product appreciation through greater knowledge of cultivation and general conditions
  • Appreciation of needs and expectations in the area of sales
  • Competitive benefits of professionally trained personnel
  • Nutritional literacy
  • Increasing customer confidence and access to new target groups

Seminar modules

Content module 1

  • Product science Apple
  • Sustainable production – exemplified by humus
  • Nutrition management
  • Nutrition workshop
  • Quality management & food safety

Content module 2

  • Citrus fruits
  • Exotics & Specialties
  • Stone fruit & pears
  • Grapes & other berries
  • Southern fruits
  • Confident communication & customer service
  • Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition Trends

Content module 3

  • Fruit vegetables
  • Cabbage and root vegetables
  • Nutritional reality
  • Convenience & quality assurance
  • Herbs & mushrooms
  • Leafy vegetables & asparagus
  • Potatoes, onions & garlic
  • Changes in vegetable production
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