External values

Sometimes the superficial appearance does count too. So when you shop at your local SPAR store, take a closer look at the packaging of the fresh Steiermark Genuss apples, Blumau tomatoes and Blumau peppers. After all, the sustainable packaging is simply outstanding.
Carefully unfolded, they are, for example, the perfect template for getting hold of unique added values for you, your family and friends.
For example, tickets to extraordinary events.

Your fruit or vegetable tray could also be your chance to win an unforgettable family trip, or many other prizes….
Check out the Frutura website regularly to find out when which product offers what added value, or what you can win.
The offer is constantly changing and enriched with new highlights.

Steiermark Genuss-Apfel

Here you will soon find your benefits

Blumau tomatoes

Here you will soon find your benefits

Blumau peppers

Here you will soon find your benefits

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