Boxes of cookie joy for young families.

Baking cookies for a good cause

Frutura employees baked cookies for a good cause. Together with the Caritas Pregnancy Counseling, Frutura handed out boxes of cookie joy for young families. A nice gesture so close to Christmas.

As part of the Advent calendar of the network ” Verantwortung zeigen!” (Show responsibility!) this nice initiative could be supported by us.

“More than 20 people from our company helped to bake, each at their own home. Even the children of our colleagues helped out,” says Elisabeth Schweighofer, who organized the project for Frutura within the company. This is particularly well suited, as the cookies she brought to colleague Elisabeth Fuchs – packed in 36 pretty boxes – are passed on to young families via the Caritas Styria pregnancy counseling service.

“Young mothers rarely have time to bake cookies themselves, and with our sweet little packages we can bring joy to the families we support,” says Caritas health psychologist Gerhild Krenn-Gugl. Together with her, Frutura developed this project. Also some packages of baby food were nicely packed on the gift table, which unfortunately was placed in a large meeting room due to the current Corona situation. But better safe than sorry and the togetherness will come back next year. In the meantime, attention is payed in the form of cookie gifts.

The project took place within the framework of the Advent calendar of the network “Verantwortung zeigen!” (Show responsibility!), an association of companies and organizations that support responsible business and good social solidarity in the country with concrete actions. 80 companies are partners of the network and also Frutura and Caritas Styria have been actively involved for several years.

More information on the “Show Responsibility!” network is available here.

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