Restaurant Kogel3

Good Food – Good Mood

Well, once you’ve been here, you probably don’t want to leave! The beautiful hills and views not only provide a feeling of relaxation and tranquility, but also plenty of culinary delights. The beauty of the region combined with the delicious dishes of the restaurant Kogel3 are guaranteed to put a satisfied smile on every guest’s face.

The taste and the common mission to give customers delightful experiences connects Frutura and Kogel3.
Together the companies have planned an innovative marketing and culinary concept to address customers in a more targeted way and also to enhance their taste experience through product-oriented events. Cuisine at the highest level paired with the Frutura principles of freshness enable the two companies to benefit from each other and to embark on a common path. Times couldn’t be better than now, to jointly accompany the customers along the necessary paradigm shift in terms of sustainable, regional, fresh and climate-friendly nutrition.

…to cooperate with the restaurant Kogel3. Together, new recipes are created with our Frutura products. So foodies are guaranteed to have a good time here!

Kogel3 is located in Leibnitz! A place that has its own special charm in every season.

Indoors as well as outdoors, covered in snow or on hot summer days. Beauty is always in season. Whether it’s a wedding, christening or anniversary, Kogel3 sets the table for you.

Because the managers and staff of Kogel3 love what they do and because they like to share the happiness of the Kogel with everyone.

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