The Frutura group will be CO2-neutral in 2021

Working in harmony with nature – that is the standard of our actions! Therefore, as a family business, we have already implemented many measures to protect the climate. For example, through our sustainable agriculture, with innovative packaging or efficient logistics. In 2021, we want to achieve the next big goal: complete climate neutrality within the entire Frutura group.

With the launch of the Thermal-Gemüsewelt in Blumau, on May 3, 2016, a new era of sustainable agriculture has begun in Austria. By using thermal water to heat the glasshouses and avoiding the use of fossil fuels in regular operation, around 28,000 tons of CO2 can be saved per year.

Our ecological track record is officially confirmed by the Federal Environment Agency. The carbon footprint of the entire Frutura group amounted exactly 10,244 tons in the past fiscal year.

This outstanding value was achieved, among other things, with innovative technology for packaging and labels, emission-free photovoltaics and energy-saving LED lighting, but also with optimized routing in logistics, which reduces empty runs to a minimum. In addition, the creation of valuable humus soil is also part of our sustainability program.

Next goal towards sustainability

Our principle is to avoid unnecessary emissions, reduce existing emissions and offset unavoidable emissions. That’s why we will set the next ecological milestone in 2021: The entire company is to be completely CO2-neutral in the course of 2021. A regional reforestation project will make it possible to achieve this goal. The necessary negotiations are already in progress.


“We have proven in recent years that with the courage to change and honesty, climate-friendly and economically successful production of fruit and vegetables is possible. Achieving CO2 neutrality is our next big step. That’s why we remain open to visionary ideas when it comes to living sustainability,” according to the two managing directors Katrin and Manfred Hohensinner.

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